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STM32F030C8T6 - the brains behind the Nextion Basic


The basic boards utilize the STM32F030C8 series processor. The specific part number used on recent boards is STM32F030C8T6, which is a LQFP48 package ARM microcontroller sold for low cost applications.



TODO: check to confirm if Read Out Protection bit is set, can we dump the 64k flash?

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Potential bypass:

Interestingly, this makes use of the BOOT0 pin, which just so happens to be tied to a 10k resistor (R14) on the Nextion boards, and which isn’t present at all on the TJC boards, and which is also be the only difference we’ve picked out on the component side of the two boards.

Nextion and TJC - what's the difference?

The first chip F030 you point to Nextion using is a Cortex M0, the Read Out Protection is to an L1 chip, the second posts’ article is about an F103 which is a Cortex M3. I am less certain you can mix and match in this manner.


As it turns out readout protection doesn’t appear to be enabled after all. With a cheap STM programmer and the provided SWD pads you can dump the contents of the F030 pretty easily.

As that firmware is presumably copyrighted, I can’t post the resulting hex file but for < $9 it’s easy to obtain.


I can see that an STMF030R8T6 is used for the Enhanced

But, if I may ask what is the purpose? You state you can’t post the hex because it is presumably copyrighted, but you are clearly posting how to easily obtain the hex. Just trying to see where this is headed and what the real goal is. Do we need this hex file?

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I can only speak for myself, but my goal is to better understand this platform and to share what I’ve learned with others who might want to know too. I also don’t want to be sued, so I need to keep everything within the letter of the law. It’s legal for me to dump a hex file, it’s legal for me to tell you how to do it, but it’s not legal for me to share the contents of that hex file if it’s copyrighted.


Thanks, so two things for now.
Do I need this hex file, and what is it that we are trying to look for?


Just curiosity is all. What can we learn about how things are put together, can we modify things in any useful way, or can we make this platform work better for some users. I don’t know, and I won’t know until I look so… I’m looking. You can too!

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