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TJC Editor 1.60.2 in English

The latest TJC Editor 1.60.2 from Chinese to English. Now…I just need a TJC panel to verify if it actually works. :wink:

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I was able to use the Chinese editor in English and compile and generate a TFT file. The file worked on my 7" Intelligent Nextion display, but I don’t have any (yet) TJC panels to test. I have one on order. :wink:

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Where is the option to swap to English in the menu?

There’s not one, you have to hack your way in.

Any guidance on how you were about to do that?

Not going to divulge that info here for public consumption. The unfriendly folks at Nextion also read these forums and I don’t want to give them anything. Since this is your very first post…you could be one of them. :frowning:

Besides…if you’re programming HMI’s you should be able to figure it out.


Any information regarding 1.60.2 English would be appreciated.

See post above yours. You’re new here… :wink:

I have TJC K0 series 3.5 inches panel on hand, if you have any file I can test if it work or not.

After further review…I didn’t have a TJC panel to test at the time. Evidently, while the editor is easy to switch to using English, it still looks for Nextion panels, not TJC. The problem lies in the use of the ACTR.DLL file and the CH*.DLL files. Those need some cracking.

I think so. The two software apparenttly developed by a same team.

this is realy great

i have just one problem
how we add gif on this version?

i´ll be happy if some help me. how to put gif working in the software because i don´t see the “gifpic” like the other version´s

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