Hi, I want to convert nextion hmi file to use with tjc


At the moment the only way to do this is to rebuilt the entire project using the USART HMI software.

Hi and welcome @WasimGhafar

I had a look at your file and it actually is already a TJC file (notably for the TJC X5 series 5" 800x480 model). It also is totally empty. So… maybe give a bit mire details…?

@lemax (and also @WasimGhafar):
That’s not true. Although not public, there is a converter to convert a TJC HMI file into a Nextion HMI file and vice-versa. All you need to do is post your file here or in the UNUF discord and someone will convert it. For TFT files a similar tool exists and it’s public.
Relevant links:
TFTTool (TFT converter)
TJC Editor in English and other options (Slightly outdated)

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