Where to purchase TJC displays?

Could we create a wiki post, where people can post their links to TJC resellers? I’m having a hard time finding good sources other than Ebay, at a not-so-great discount to the Nextion units…

I gotchu, fam!

So the thing w/ TJC is that they’re only supposed to sell in China, which can sometimes make sourcing the panels difficult. Not to worry! TaoBao is a huge Chinese-market-only online shop that has everything, including every flavor of TJC panel, which means all the new models which Nextion hasn’t even released yet. Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside of China, so you’re also going to need someone who will buy it and then ship it to you. This service is super-competitive because people all over the world want to buy stuff from China, so prices are low and service is great! I’ve used SuperBuy with much success, so that’s what I’ll show here, but there are loads of other reshippers to choose from.

Here’s the process:

  1. Decide on a panel. TJC has a much wider selection than Nextion! Find a model you like here. I’m going to select a 3.2" Enhanced.
  2. Go to SuperBuy and search for “USART 3.2” (or whatever size you like)
  3. I found this option for $14.11.
  4. Setup an account, it should let you do so in English, then deposit enough of your preferred currency to cover the cost of the product + shipping. They’ll calculate that for you.
  5. SuperBuy will buy the product from TaoBao and ship it to you!

When buying in single quantities the discount is around 30% vs Nextion. When you buy more it offsets the reshipper cost, and you can see ~ 50% off the cost of Nextion devices.

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I found this on ebay around 10$ if you buy multiple i just ordered 10 of em

TJC Panels


On Aliexpress 3.5" is for 15$
TJC 3.5