What Editor should I use with NX4827T043?

Hello there,
this is my first topic here, therefore I apologize if I’ve made any mistakes.
I’m currently using this device NX4827T043 in my product and the original project was made with the LTS Editor by another person.
I’m currently trying to improve the software this guys has developed and I’m getting really frustrated that the fonts I’m trying to use look like crap.
I’ve read almost everywhere that Nextion makes devs pay for AA fonts and I was reading about all the stuff between them and TJC.
My questions are:

  • is it possible to use the new editor from Nextion with the model I’m currently using?
  • if I switch to the new editor and make the project from scratch -since I’ve read that project made with the LTS version are not compatible- would the fonts look better? If not do you have any tips?

Here a picture of one of the pages to show you how bad the fonts look.
The 'i’s are the worst part, they split the words in two and it’s driving me crazy.

There are little compatibility issues between LTS and the actual editor version, but these are details which an experienced dev can rapidly fix in most cases.
You’d have then to re-generate all the fonts in the new editor to make them look beautiful.

Why don’t you simply install the newest editor in parallel (by NOT using the Windows setup, but by extracting the zip version in a folder below program files (x86)) and try to open a copy of your HMI file without any risk?

Alright, I’ll try that and keep you posted!
I was worried that my monitor was not supported by the newest version of the editor.
Thank you!