Waveform line plot size?

Hi guys, i found this community through google and people seem very helpful, even more than the official Nextion community.

I have a big nextion screen and the waveform/graph curve is so thin that it’s hard to see even with a good contrast. Is it possible to make the curve line thicker?

I saw a video in official forums: here is the link

I don’t need all these animations, just a thicker line which can be visible from a bit far.

Firstly, which series is it? Intelligent, Enhanced or Basic? That is very important as features that intelligent and enhanced have, basic doesnt have, even some simple things like changing the gauge needle back size.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s intelligent series.

You have basically two options :
First, make the waveform display not one but for example 3 channels, let the first as is, le the second draw the same with offset +1 an d the third the same with offset -1.
Second, don’t use the waveform component at all, but use the line gui command to draw your curve in the desired thickness.

Both variants are generic and work on all, T, K, or P series.


Thanks, this clears up a lot. But i hope updating 3 channels will not slow down the serial comm. at 115200 baud.
I wonder how line command can be used. I’ll need to convert a value into x,y co-ordinates. Then again when the new value comes, i need to have the old x,y co-ordinates saved somewhere and from there plot the new line to new x,y.
Kinda confusing but i bet it will be faster then updating 3 channels.

Edit: it would be great help if someone has ever used a line command to update waveform to share as an example.