Vertical flip an HMI to deal with quality fade?

Does anyone know of any way to vertically-flip an existing HMI file? I was hoping the “Display direction” option set to 180° would do it but… nope.

As several folks have learned, Nextion has replaced the older LCD panels with newer panels that exhibit extremely poor off-axis performance. This behavior is not symmetrical, off axis from below works a lot better than off-axis from above. Sadly, my use case is mostly above, so it might be helpful to simply flip the entire project over and use it upside-down.

Of course, nobody would need this if Nextion wasn’t trying to screw all of us via quality fade, but we should probably be used to that at this point.

Time to move on from Nextion…

LOL guess I’m dumb. You can in fact use the 180° orientation option, it just has no effect on the editor or simulator. This might be the solution to my off-axis issues!

I was about to try it out because I could not imagine that this wouldn’t work…

Is it possible to have a button on screen that when your program is running, it would flip the screen 180°?

As far as I can imagine, no. The orientation change and the required coordinate transformations are too komplex to do them at runtime, I guess.