Using different Lcd / change resolution

Can the 4.3inch board be flashed with the 5.0 or 7.0 800x480 firmware?

Or can the resolution be changed?

Plan on getting a 4.3 and changing the screen with a brighter lcd. 4.3 just because its cheaper than the 5.0/7.0. Would get the 3.5 but couldn’t see if it has a 40pin connector.

Short answer: no it can’t.

Long answer: Physical display configuration seems to be in an immutable part of the flash which can not be overwritten. If that says 4.3", it won’t accept 5" or 7" TFTs. It’s not plug and play, so if you replace just the LCD panel, the processor will continue to address the original native resolution. Afterwards, more things to consider: backlight power (which is elevated for bigger panels) and so on. I do not think that such an approach would really save money, seen the time and hardware you’d invest in attempts which will most probably fail.

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Thank you for the info.

With the 5inch will it matter if its IPS or TN? Or TN but with different IC driver? Assuming pinout remains the same

Re backlight, I’ve seen someone change his lcd to a 1000 nit lcd. Did it work because it was a 7inch or would it still eventually fail?

Would like to use something like this. 650nit IPS or 1000nit TN

In Russia, not much words are needed. I said diplomatically “let it be, it makes no sense, neither technically nor financially”. Nothing to add, but a simple engineering advice:
Define your specifications first. Then go and buy the hardware. You need >=600 nit, then buy a HMI solution which has this luminosity. Nextion hasn’t, so it is not optimal for your project.

I’ve got a Nextion Enhanced 7" that I put a 9" 500 nit screen onto.

As they are both 800x480 resolution, and both use the same 50 pin ribbon cable connection.

Bigger screen that fits onto the 7" Nextion Enhanced is called AT090TN10.

But I’d imagine the same process can be applied to other size screens, so long as the resolution and pin count/order/etc on the ribbon cable is the same.

The only catch is that the 500nit screen needed an external power supply to the backlights as it cant get enough through the nextion board.

I use a 4.3 nextion with a Riverdi 550 nit and it was plug&play

I tried a 4.7 with 480x272 and it also worked, but with less luminosity than the original screen

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