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Use of sendCommand

Hello, I have been using (in testing) the sendCommand for the backlight, I am using the ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion-master library.

so this was working fine, but jast in last few days its not . ! (love that).

the project is quite complex and running on ESP32, as I said it was testing fine,

all other Nextion / TJC are fine, there are a number pages and lot of info and buttons, the backlight control is simply a sleep mode to set the backlight off / low or 100%,

the code is simply,

sendCommand(“dim = 5”);


sendCommand(“dim = 100”);

the library is ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion-master, as I said there is a lot of code, and up to now its been fine…

any thoughts?


Try to not use space in command string.

ok thanks, I can test that tomorrow, thanks.

@bobsterr , apologies been a little crazy here.
that suggestion was correct,
I found the Auto format was adding in a space, hmm,

I used the format like:

LCD_Current_Backlight = 100;
dim = “dim=” + String(LCD_Set_Backlight);
Current_page = 6;

and that is fine, (there are probably other methods, but that works,[if it aint broke don’t try to fix it,])


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