Use Meterial Design icon font in Nextion Editor cant get it to work

Hi! I thought I just came up with a super smart idea. I work with a friend on a project called NSPanel Manager and I was thinking about the future and different ways of working with icons in the HMI file. AND I started thinking about using the Material Design Icons font as soon as we need icons. Instead of adding a picture for each icon I thought we could use a font and just add the icons we need when building the font in Nextion. So I installed the ttf file, I can see it in nextion editor font creator but when creating the font and I try to look at what characters (icons) that were included in the font I don’t see any of the Material Design Icons in there. I tried using UTF-8 and adding ALL CHARACTERS, like 50000 but didn’t see anything in there either. Is this even possible? If not, why not :), is it due some encoding stuff that I don’t understand or something else?

Hi @lillaeriika when you added the font to your machine, did you have Nextion HMI editor open? Also are you on Windows or???

Hi! I might have had Nextion editor open but have restarted the computer and tried again after that. I run Nextion on Windows on Virtualbox.

Aha… I wondered if that might be the case. Not saying this will work for certain but try uninstalling the front from the main OS, also uninstall from virtual box. Once done restart virtual box then main machine. Then reinstall the font on the VIRTUALBOX not the main OS.

Let me know if this works.