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TouchCap component problem

Hi all,
I’m working on a project using the 3.5" enhanced series display.
In more than a page I use the TouchCap component, but it seems not work properly.

During the debug the “tc0.val” returns the right ID value of the touched component, but when I upload the programm on the display the tc0.val is not correct.
The ID value that the tc0.val returns is 89 higher tha the real value, in other pages is 63 times higher than the real values.

Anyone whit this problem? How to solve it?

Many thanks

As a test try giving the component a name like tczero and see if it sends that properly.
I do not use the values assigned by default because if you add or remove one the numbers change so I give them names you can even rename them for example tc0 to tc001 and keep this when you make changes.

Hi, thank you for your reply.
I tried to change the componet’s name but nothing change.

I think it’s a system bug.

It’s a confirmed bug. See the official Nextion Forums here:

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That page gives a 404 Not Found. Anyone care to share the details of the bug?

You haven‘t missed a lot. The important bit is that the issue got confirmed to be a bug. The rest is the usual „nextion is only doing what you tell it to do“ and a lot of offtopic, unproductive discussion about the nextion editor. I didn‘t get the point of either side in that discussion.

My guess is that they‘ll fix it with an update within the next weeks.

Kind regards,

@fvanroie You need to sign in to the Nextion Forum first (on another browser tab), before clicking on any Nextion Forum links here, otherwise you get the 404.

The time it takes to release bug fix v1.63.2 will give us an indication on how much influence Patrick & Thierry have, if any, with the real developers and software engineers.

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Release 1.63.2 issued. Problem solved

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Oh, that was very quick. It seems that several things are changing for the positive. At least, I hope so!

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Thanks. It seems the webmaster of the Nextion Forum got his HTTP error codes mixed up. In that case the server should generate a 403 Forbidden.

They got a lot of things different than what you should do or would expect… Like if you include two, three links in a post and commit it, everything looks good except it‘ll never show up. No warnings no errors nothing. Nice. Now you can retype everything. Maybe it works the second time? Nope. Try some more times until you finally guess that it’s the number of links that makes your post vanish. Yeah for spam reasons they just silently delete all posts with more than 1 link and don’t tell you about that until you ask.

There are more such examples. Most aren‘t that bad but it‘s not exactly a pleasure to use their website…


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