TJC8048X250 forgot what model it is


my TJC8048X250 (5") forgot what model it is. I am not sure what happened to it other than that it comes from a 3D printer, and an upload of a new .tft file was attempted throught the serial port.

It now refuses to load new .tft files, claiming they’re from a different model. Upon starting up it displays:

Model does not match

Note it says “null” while the screenshots I’ve seen from other boards contains an actual model number. It’s red letters on white background, that my camera refuses to take a clear picture of.

I’ve dumped the W25Q256JVEIQ ROM, and at 0x00160000-014c86a0 there’s a uncorrupted copy of the original tft file shipped with the printer update pack. (I’d be happy to share the dump. Can files be attached to this forum?)

I’m wondering if anybody has an idea how could the board be revived?

Perhaps somebody has a dump from a similar device?

Any clue about what the “AI HMI T7” chip is and how the boot loader is structured? While there seems to be some sort of a small boot block with recognizable strings in the beginning, the second stage doesn’t have any immediately recognizable features. Is it obfuscated somehow?

Thank you