TJC 2.4" Enhanced HMI supplier?

Can anyone please point me to a reliable source of TJC 2.4" Enhanced HMIs?
I can’t seem to find them on eBay, nor on Banggood.
Plenty of Nextion enhanced HMIs but not the TJCs.

My project has maxed out the basic variant, and I don’t wont to be ripped off buying Nextion variants.

A search for TJC3224K024 brings back very few listings, and they are actually more expensive than you can by NX3224K024 on the official nextion store on aliexpress

I think for now buying Nextion is more sensible

TJC have no CE/FCC certificate and might not be suitable for commercial products in Europe or USA. In Russia, it does not matter in most cases, though. There is no editor and no support out of Chinese language. This might in parts explain the price difference.

TJC are more expensive than Nextion at the moment - supplies seem to have dried up

They are available on banggood as well for $10.50, which is still half price.

The CE/FCC certificate is really a joke. CE is more of a promise to play by certain rules, but any vendor can claim to be CE compliant. FCC might be more stringent, but there have been reports that even the power supply of the Nextion Intelligent series interferes with radio signals… so take it with a grain of salt. If you want to use one of the displays in a commercial product, you have to re-certify anyway.

The Editor is not officially available in English… but prices are a good motivator.

I wouldn’t trust Banggod.

For the Nextion Enhanced displays, they specifically mention ‘Enhanced’ in the product title to differentiate them from the basic variant. That isn’t done with the TJC you link to.

The Chinese are pretty devious - they have a CE symbol - it stands for China Export - and the symbol is 99 percent like the real CE symbol

There is for sure much doubt about certifications. But it looks like that Itead/Nextion publishes valid and conform CE and ROHS certificates which is reassuring. Products without ROHS certificate risk to be destructed by customs when trying to import into EU or USA.
All this is probably not a problem if you order small quantities for private use, but when you start commercial production (>50 units), institutions might have a closer look.