STL model of desktop case for display NX1060P101-011R

I share a model of such a case for the NX1060P101-011R display. The case is designed for easy 3D printing with a minimum of support. The purpose of this case is to protect the display from damage and keep it at a comfortable angle while developing and debugging the design “on the table”, next to the computer.
The case has windows for easy access to the UART connector and microSD slot. In addition, there are places in the case for a 2S LiPo battery measuring 50x30x19 mm, an MP1584 voltage converter (a small scarf 22x17.5 mm, bought on Aliexpress) and a switch. This allows the display to work autonomously - for example, for project design presentation. On the bottom there are areas for gluing round rubber feet.

Link to archive with STL -

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If you use parametric design it could be used for any of the displays I am working on one for the 7 inch just a flat box or use lid as bezel will post when finished I am using freecad . Two here one a component box the other for 128 x 64 lcd , you can make any size by changing the numbers in the spread sheet . Need to join forum to download Forum - MCS Electronics

No, it’s made without parametric design. You can, of course, put all the necessary dimensions in the parameter table, but since I work with only one display size, so I didn’t do it :slight_smile:
P.S. For some reason, the specified link opens for me only through a VPN …

Its Dutch so maybe that it , its for an AVR programming forum with Bascom.
Since I found out about parametric design I intend to use it where I can as it can be handy to re-size projects.

In this model, it will have to parameterize too much, changing all the necessary parameters is no longer much easier than changing the model :slight_smile: