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Splash screen fading in

I was delighted that it’s possible to animate the backlight very smoothly. This can be used to fade in a splash screen when the device first turns on. The result is quite slick.

  1. Make the first page your splash screen. I recommend a full screen image with a corrected aspect ratio but whatever you want.
  2. In preinitialize:
  3. In postinitialize:
    for(dim=0;dim<100;dim++) {
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Oh this is cool as heck. Nice idea @iref!

Great idea.
I’ve just adapted this for a nice graceful fade into screen saver mode down to 5%.


(Note: That’s the usual double minus after ‘dim’, but the Forum’s font here makes it look like one long line)

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@Flatpack2 If you use the preformatted text formatting on code you won’t have the font issue. :slight_smile:

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