"Solving the Nextion Project Mystery: Strange Gibberish Encountered!"


I have encountered an issue with a relatively straightforward project involving multiple pages. While working on this project, I encountered an unexpected problem that perplexed me. Previously, I had not experienced any difficulties, but now I was encountering a seemingly random stream of unintelligible characters. Upon investigation, I identified the source of the problem; however, I am uncertain about the appropriate course of action to resolve it.

The issue arose when I was experimenting with various buttons and sending print commands to an Arduino unit. This command consisted of the string “something.” It was during my attempt to incorporate a background into my project that I encountered this complication. To accommodate the background image, I made the buttons transparent so that I could utilize a pre-existing image that I had designed. Strangely, as soon as I made the buttons transparent, I began receiving the “something” print command alongside some nonsensical characters.

This issue appears to be exclusive to the image selection process, which involves making the buttons transparent. Notably, my Nextion display is not an enhanced version, but it does not seem to be the root cause of the problem. Even when I remove any code from my buttons, I still receive gibberish characters. I will provide visual documentation to aid in understanding the issue.

Thank you for your assistance.

From nextion manual @Instruction Set - Nextion