Shoutout to this forum board

Registered on the Nextion forum paying homage to this board. My own silent protest for anti-customer behavior experienced at Nextion. :wink:

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Account didn’t last for 24 hrs before it was terminated. I hadn’t even posted anything! Rude!!

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This is epic. Why do they hate alternative forums so much… That’s beyond my comprehension.

It would appear they look down upon anyone who uses their ‘Community Forums’ as it’s labeled on their web site, but considered ‘Developer Forums’ by the guys who run it and aren’t as knowledgable as they are. They’re dismissive, condescending, rude, and impatient with anyone who asks a question without first reading ALL of their published docs about their products, or point out any weaknesses in their products.

or pointing out actual bugs.

I posted on itead’s facebook and got a reasonable response.

they need to reign in the nextion group, their reputation is tainting itead in general.