Shifting t1object on the X coordinate. y not changed

I want to write the clock value in the t1text I put under the s0 waveform and change the x value of t1 continuously along with the signal shift in the waveform, and I want it to shift synchronously with the signal. What command should I send from Mega 2560 with serial1 to t1 object. For example, how can I set the x coordinate value to 10, 20…100 in order.

Serial.print(“-page name-.t1.x=10”); // Use actual page name
Serial.print(“\xFF\xFF\xFF”); // See Nextion instructions: Instruction Set - Nextion

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Only with the intelligent series. For all other series, the .x and .y attributes are read-only at runtime.

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I have NX8048K070-011C enhanced series. İts not İntelligent. I want make a 4 Channel Trends, and read new And old values from eeprom with date and times, represant all signal on the Waveform. But Fjodor says, İts possible only İntelligent series.
I tried all of these commands but failed. Now it’s up to me to buy a smart series 7 inch screen and try on it.

bu now I only try on Enhanced Screen, 510 dots X 4 channels (s0.w=540) eeprom read with “for-next” loop and Serial1 Send. I saw it very very slow. I waited 1 minutes.

You can write directly to the screen using the xstr command or you can add textboxes at each possible location, then turn their visibility on or off.

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if textbox is shifted, put the location 4 textbox. But now necessary 8 textbox. 4 is visible=on, other 4 is visible=off. time is changed each of 4 textbox group visible or invisible.

2 years ago. I made 4 pen trend form Picture1 at VB6. and each of textbox x atributes easily change from Signals Count.