Sending Pictures over Serial (Intelligent Display)

I want to send Pictures from the web to the Nextion display and show them. I have it hooked up to a Raspberry PI running Node Red. I have found the twfile command but don´t know how to use it with Node Red, I haven´t really done anything advanced with Serial communication.
Thanks in advance!

Which command will you use to download any file into LCD during work ?

Nextion commands set

Didn’t really think of it yet I thought it would just be stored. If I must have guessed I would pick the readfile command…

As i know, you can’t send files to the LCD during work. Only preinstall them as part of LCD project

Thats lame actually…

There is a tool on the TJC Development Tool page that’s called SerialFileUp. It can be used to upload/download files to and from the RAM disk or SD card during run-time.

You can use the ExPicture object to display uploaded images from a path:

Picture file path (e.g."ram/0.jpg" or "sd0/1.jpg")

They use a Visual Studio Code example to demonstrate this, so take a look at that code.
While it is TJC, there is a very good chance that it also works on Nextion Intelligent screens, but I don’t own one.

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