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Send component id not working in Simulator

I am trying to develop my first nextion display (NX4832F035).
For faster engineering I want to use the simulator instead of downloading to the physical display each time.
I already successfully managed to connect my physical ESP32 to the simulator and control it.
However the simulator seems to have a bug.
As soon as you have a TouchCap object on the screen, the simulator won’t send the component id anymore to the MCU if you click any of the buttons.
On the physical display I am not having this behaviour.

If I replace my device with one from the intelligent series, the simulator behaves as expected.

Hi and welcome @philipp900,

To me it sounds indeed like a bug. I can only suggest you to report it in the official Nextion forum. Hope that they won’t come with some “simulator is not 100% same as device” excuse to leave it unfixed…

Kind regards,

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