Screen cut off on right hand side

Hi all

I have a Sonoff NSPanel flashed with ESPHome and have just started building an interface for Home Assistant. So far, so good apart from one thing.

The screen is 480 x 320 pixels. My Photoshop file is 480 x 320. The exported image is 480 x 320. It works fine in the debugger but it’s like the image is too big when I upload to the panel and the right hand edge gets cut off.

I’m obviously doing something wrong but I’m lost. Any help would be much appreciated.


In the EU model the display is slightly covered by the bezel. This means that instead of the full 480x320 you might only be able to effectively use 460x320 or so. You just need to design around it…

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Thank you! I had a play and I think it’s about 458 so I’ve shuffled everything over. Seems a strange thing to do but I guess they must have a good reason.

Probably the reason is that they want to have symmetric edges on left and right side of LCD. If you look at nextion LCDs you will se that they have not same distance from view area to edge of the display on both sides in horizontal view.

I have encountered a similar problem recently, and I am trying to solve it.Finally, I found it most convenient to change the screen,you can try TFT LCD