Resistive but No touch

I have a 5’’ nextion screen from a client (So I do not know the model he bought).
It says NX8048T050_011 in the pcb.
After loading the latest firmware with the latest IDE it says that it is “R(No touch)”: NX8048T050_011R(No Touch),firmware Ver:S150

I think he never tested the touch screen as the application he needed to use only required to show data on the screen.

As I have found, there is an R model and a N model. This is supposed to be an R but I have never seen the “No touch” comment in this devices.

Is it possible that touch pannel is broken?

I have tried to send the command “touch_j” by serial port but nothing happens. In other screens, it starts the calibration process.

Nextion displays are delivered either with capacitive (some K and P series models) or resistive touch (all series, all models) by default. BUT the standard (T series) can be ordered without any touch at all on demand and with a MOQ.
Their price is a little lower and luminosity a little higher because of the missing resistive touch foil assembly.
Nothing to worry about.

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Fjodor, thank you.
what about the no touch response? I guess this is a no resistive screen in that case.

If it says no touch, I’d consider the absence of touch functionality as normal.

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