Remove digitalizer nextion 4.3

I would like to know if it is possible to remove the digitizer from the touch screen (I think it is the thick glass) to have a good screen brightness.

It came in a forum that is a solution to the problem of brightness losing touch.

Has anyone done it?


Looking at the Nextion data sheet for the enhanced 4.3, you’ll find that the version without the resistive touch has a luminosity of 250nit, and the version with touch 230nit. I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.

The touch layer on resistive screens is not a thick glass, it’s a relatively thin plastic foil which floats at about 0.5mm above the LCD glass, and which has a separate 4pin connector on the logic board.

Thanks for answering

Do you recommend a screen from the same brand to take advantage of all the hmi nextion that has enough brightness to use it in a car? I don’t care if it’s bigger

The new P series, they call it also „intelligent“ has a luminosity of 300nit which is about 30% higher.
They have also a more powerful CPU with multimedia support, more flash, and more bells and whistles. They exist actually in 7“ and 10.1“.

Thanks i will be watching :smile: