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Good day to all. A QR code from a hex string. The characters are completely different.
From 0x00 to 0xFF, at first there was a problem with sending 0x22 (double quotes) and 0x5C (backslash), but this is quickly solved by adding the 0x5C character in front of them.
but to transmit the character 0x00 does not work. the rest of the line after this character is not read
How can I pass this character and write in qr0.txt = “”?

I fear that 0x00 won’t probably work since the .txt attribute is a string which considers 0x00 being its terminator. I’d suggest encoding the string to have only valid text characters, for example with base64.

You should have a look onto a QR code specification like this: https://www.barcodefaq.com/2d/qr-code/
They state: “The data encoded in a QR-Code may include alphabetic characters, text, numbers, double characters and URLs.” I guess that excludes 0x00 not only in Nextion but by definition.


Спасибо за ответ! Скорее всего тогда переведу в ASCII (0x00 представить как 0x30 0x30). Но это увеличит длину в 2 раза. А так QR отлично генерируется со всеми символами от 0x01 до 0xFF. А есть ли возможность изменять родные функции Nextion? Хотел бы постараться убрать 0x00 представление как конец строки и например длину принудительно писать.

Thanks for the answer! Translation of everything in ASCII (0x00 represents 0x30 0x30). This is an increased length of 2 times. And so QR is perfectly generated with all simpols from 0x01 to 0xFF.
Is there any way to change the native functions of Nextion? I would like to try to remove the 0x00 representation as the end of the line and, for example, force the length to be written.

Пожалуйста! Внутренние функции Nextion, к сожалению, не могут быть ни изменены, ни перезаписаны.

You are welcome! Internal Nextion functions can unfortunately neither be modified nor overwritten.

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