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Put the display to sleep, or just dim it to 0?

What’s the functional difference between putting the display to sleep and setting the display backlight to 0? I am using some code in the screen to collect data from the serial port, and the data collection stops when I put the display to sleep. I would prefer to just set the backlight to 0 and then allow the data to be collected. Then when a screen is touched, the backlight gets set back to 100.

Any thoughts on this? Will I hurt the display by keeping it running continuously?


I guess when putting it to sleep the processor actually enters some kind of sleep mode. Also, I think timers don’t run in sleep mode. I guess you could verify this by measuring the current consumption. On the other hand, reducing the brightness to 0 certainly does reduce the current consumption but the UI would remain fully functional, meaning it would still run timers and react to all user inputs.

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