Problem with NX1060P101-011

This display is just about three months old. All good till suddenly it started developing a yellow shade on one side in the morning. And with time it covered the whole display. We are using a regulated 5V / 2A power supply.

Next day morning when we power up, its OK but the yellow shade starts appearing slowly and by evening has covered the whole display.

Is it because of any temperature issue ? In the same machine we have three more displays and out of that one has gone fully blank. Have raised a support ticket with vendor . Right now only two displays are only working. Of course customer is questioning about the choice of the display for industrial use.

Any suggestions on above ??
Nextion Yellowshading Issue

As long as you remain within the temperature and humidity conditions stated in the spec sheet, there should not be any problem with that. But from what I see on the screen, combined with my experience, I’d guess that this is rather a mounting or fixation problem. Such effects, or in worst case even a lcd screen going totally blank can be caused by too much pressure or torsion.

Thanks for your input. Sure will check on this mounting aspect to see it results in transverse load on the screen after tightening the mount screws