Nextion touch_j calibration

Hi all, I am new to nextion hmi and I have a problem with the screen calibration. To calibrate the display they say i should use touch_j and that it should save the offsets and restart the display. I send the command and it just keeps going without saving or rebooting.

Any help?

Have been using Nextions for years and never needed to calibrate one.
Is it for some specific reason or do you just think you need to do it?

The buttons location on the phisical device dont match the location on the editor. I assume they have an offset somehow and when i send the touch_j command it just keeps going without saving. The touch_j prints on screen 4 sets of coordinates (x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4). If i start the calibration and then cut power it does not save the calibration.

Are you saying that buttons show differently on the debug screeen to that on the nextion display when the tft is uploaded?
Also, what size and type of screen are you using?

Yes, they are not in the same place.
This is the display model

Its a 7in resistive touch display

I have been checking the offsets and i get this:

Its like the display is twisted.

I have tried this command too without any inprovment
lcd_dev fffb 0002 0000 0020