Nextion/TJC to Allen Bradley PLC HMI

Found this group while searching for information using a Nextion as an HMI screen with Allen Bradley PLC’s which are RS485 and need to use RS485 - TTL adapter. The article that led me here is about using NEXTION HMI with Industruino PLC. Curious if there is anyone here with any experience in this?

Very funny Patrick has a fan group and I completely agree he should not be offending customers with his high level programming arrogance

Seems like a great group and I would not have known there like everything else is a chinese alternative product of the Nextion but since china never makes anything but only copies what others make it makes sense

Which Allen Bradley PLC are you using? Most are not RS-485.

If you make any progress on this, I would like to know about it. I would like to get one of the micro-800s connected to this.

I have a Micrologix 1000 which I made a trainer out of but I also have a SLC 5/04 and other processors with a wide range of cards for that. I am planning on trying these examples and my end goal is to make an HMI with a Nextion display

Wow, those are dinosaurs, but I’ll bet they still run. I still see PLC5’s in the field every now and again. Please let me know how you configured the message file to send data to the Nextion. I would like to know for my own interest.


I don’t understand why you need the arduino. The ML1000 is already a good processor. It seems like the arduino would just be extra hardware.

this is another example that is using a Nextion just not Allen Bradley

well my thought is if you get and HMI screen designed for a PLC it has some type of controller which would make connecting the 2 easier but once I can see whats happening maybe I don’t need anything, I am just looking into this now and wish I knew more about programming than I do

That’s not really the case. I program many industrial screens which are made specifically for PLCs. They are surprisingly similar to the Nextion, with a much more developed programming environment, and more communication choices. The big difference that the Nextion doesn’t have is a communications driver file. This is an addressing file that allows you to link a PLC addressing system to a given HMI. And that makes all the difference. Once you have passed that hurdle, an industrial screen is almost the same as the Nextion.

The Allen Bradley’s have a serial port, and there are message files you can use to write to the serial ports. It’s going to be in those files where you learn to read and write to the Nextion addresses.

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