Nextion (mr.zhao) has stolen my money

I was try to buy nextion NX3224T024 Intelligent display (order 100173588) and they send me invalid tracking number. When i ask them where is my purchased device they send me another tracking number (valid) and say that device is coming back now to nextion because nobody was not get it in the post-office. I was try to ask them to send it again and to get me a valid tracking but they was stopped to answer to my questions and i have benn ignored at all. But the most bad thing is that my money still in the nextion now and they did not get it back to me. The sum is not big for me and i wish mr. zhao (the man from nextion who email me) to put these stolen money and NX3224T024 very deep to his ass. :coffin:
I am shure that nextion peoples reading this forum and they must to know this situation and they can to say hello from me to mr.Zhao.
I am very happy that there a lot of peoples who using TJC devices instead of nextion and make them more sad and ugly.
P.S. sorry for my bad english.

where you bought it ? link to site
also how you know they where from nextion ?

we need some more details

Also, if you paid by card, you can try to invoke chargeback procedure in your bank. It is a feature of both payment systems - Visa and MasterCard - to rollback invalid transactions.
If the seller won’t have a proof that the buyer has received the goods - and he won’t, because you can show the tracking data that the order was returned to the sender - then the money will be refunded to you.

Hi! I was bough it on yhe site and now my order is in the “dekivered” state. Proofs sttached. It was a long-long time ago but in the such time there was no such nice unofficialnextion site.

Thank you. I live in Russia and there are bad banks which are dont want to spend their time because of my stolen 36$ in China. I was tried to give my money back with payment system but there was some reasons to cancel my problem.

I see. I live in Russia too and my experience with chargeback was more satisfying. In my case it was ~$10 which were lost somewhere on their way to my cell phone balance :slight_smile:

This is the reason for me to use PayPal.
I have had two cases PayPal returning charges for not delivered orders.
Fingers crossed for hou to get your bank returning the import.