Nextion GUI source Code

I wanted the source code of the default GUI which is present in Nextion P series Display.

Currently, I am uploading images onto the Nextion Display, but I am facing problems with the viewing angle which is not observed in the factory setting GUI provided in the display.

Is there a way through which I can extract the GUI source from the display. Otherwise, is there a link available which provides the source code for the GUI.

I need it for my reference.

There is no simple or legal way to get this code. Nextion officials say that they keep it intentionally closed source to prevent refurbished or used screens being sold as new.

Then is there a way to know what kind of image can be used in the display.

I tried loading a 4K image by reducing it to the 800x480 resolution. This gives a good viewing angle.

But simply changing the background colour shows different colours at different viewing angles.

Is there a way to make it consistent like the 4K images?

I dont think he asked about used screens or anything of the sort.

He’s asking for the HMI that comes with the display.

Yes, do you know if I can get the HMI file ?

no. Ask on the FB page or email them. I’ve never needed their demo HMI’s.

Don’t give false hope, please. Nextion/Itead won’t give it away for the reasons I explained above.

It has nothing to do with giving false hope. Its giving him the answer to what he’s looking for since you were out on cloud 9 with your reply.