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Nextion Editor v1.60.0

FYI, a new version of Nextion Editor is available.

V1.60.0 Update List

  1. Add the ability to play videos from the microSD card (just set the Video component .from attribute to external file.
  2. Add startup file concept Programs
  3. Added ZI Font subsetting with specified characters
  4. Add data CRC checking functions (see crcval, crcrest, crcputs, crcputh, and crcputu)
  5. Fixes for minor issues

Version numbering jumps to 1.60.0 with subversion extension.


We use the SD slot to initially load the HMI program when power is applied. In order to access files and now videos from the SD slot, do you have to insert the SD card AFTER you power up the device?

This is pretty cool and long overdue. There’s now a button that looks like this: image

It brings up the Program.s which is a startup script. Here’s the default code:

//The following code is only run once when power on, and is generally used for global variable definition and power on initialization data
int sys0=0,sys1=0,sys2=0     //At present, the definition of global variable only supports 4-byte signed integer (int), and other types of global quantity declaration are not supported. If you want to use string type, you can use variable control in the page to implement
page 0                       //Power on start page 0

re: 2. startup file

I wonder if you could use this to check for the presence of a .tft file. If not exist then boot normally without attempting to load a new program. Then you could leave an SD card installed permanently.

Release notes translated from Chinese with a little more info:


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