Nextion Editor - font size

Would it be possible to add in Nextion Editor Settings size of the font. For me, being older person, it is difficult to read the text when reading/writing the code for events.

The only way I’m aware of that will allow you to do that is to adjust the windows settings under ease of access. That will make everything larger on your display and you may not want that. If you have 2 displays, there are separate controls for the 2nd display. Another option is trying to use the windows magnifier by pressing the windows key and +. To turn that off when you’re done editing, press the windows key and ESC.

When I’m writing a bunch of code for events, I typically use a separate text editor and copy and paste the code into the events window. It’s not very convenient, but having a real editor like notepad++ helps to organize everything much better. I wish there was a way to use an external editor and automatically tie it into the program, but I haven’t found it.

Thanks for your reply.
The question/suggestion was really to developers of Nextion Editor.
You can select the font in Configuration - Window Font. So why can’t you select the size of the font?

No problem. I would be surprised if the developers of the software looked at this forum. You might try the official forum.

There is no official forum: “The forum ‘Forum’ is closed to new topics and replies”

I’m not sure what official really means with regards to association with the company, but the one I consider official is at Forum - Nextion. You need to log in to use it. A friendly warning - my assumption is that others had similar experiences to mine on that forum which likely explains why this one exists.

Yes, that’s the one that says "The forum ‘Forum’ is closed to new topics and replies”

You can still post on that forum, you just need to Log In.