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Nextion Editor Ctl+F 'Find' functionality

I don’t suppose anyone has had the courage to dare suggest/request on the Nextion forum the most basic of basic things still not found in the Nextion Editor… being able to find something in the event code.

Just like every other editor under the sun has by doing a Control+F (or whatever).

This is a major oversight, and real pain if you want to do search and/or search and replace etc.

Currently using Maxx’s Nextion2Text python script (thanks Maxx, this works brilliantly), and systematically dragging each .txt file into Notepad++ editor where I can search for things with a Ctl+F.
Once found, I then edit the event code in the Nextion Editor.

Given the past arrogant and condescending responses from you-know-who, I feel it would be a sad waste of time suggesting this, in the unlikely event this has never been requested before.

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Is it in the THC IDE? Perhaps bypassing Itead with the request might be more productive.

„THC“ IDE??? What the hell are you smoking? I want the same! :star_struck:

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Would you prefer calling it an Editor?

@DVEous glad to hear my tool is useful! I usually use a tool called „Angent Ransack“ to search through the entire folder. Then I don‘t even have to search the files individually. That‘s about as close as you can get to a global search.
Btw. one ‘x’ is enough for my Name :wink:

@elf I have a feeling Fjodor wasn‘t talking about the word ‘IDE’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Edit: To answer your question, no it‘s not. Nextion and TJC Editors are still identical.

Kind regards,


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