Nextion displays in products

Hello everyone, I was wondering how many Nextion displays are in use worldwide for ‘professional’ use!

Tell your story about your product:

  • Which field of application?
  • How many screens?
  • What type of display?
  • How do you provide updates?
  • Are there serious problems?
  • Maybe a picture of your product!

I will start with my own project:

  • Its a kind of datalogger whitch read out some sensors and shows a graph. The data is sent to the cloud for reporting.
  • Currently 1 screen, but in the comming year this will grow to 10 to 15 devices.
  • The screen is a 10.1 inch Nextion Intelligent Series.
  • Updates to the device are provided from the cloud. The device (esp32) connects touch wifi or gsm and downloads the update to a flash card. After downloading the esp is starting updating hisself and afther that he is updating the screen over serial.
  • Not any serious problems until now.

That looks nice and professional. Great job.

Here is mine

  • 4 CNC lathe | 1 CNC ulrasonic welding machine | 1 turntable welder

  • Every machine 1 screen

  • 2 5 inch, 1 7 inch, 1 10.1 inch | 7 inch | 7 inch

  • All update manually

  • Not any serious problems

Wow, that is pretty awesome!