Nextion display connected via FTDI to computer, rubbisch characters


Nextion Display NX4827P043-011C-Y
FTDI RS232 - Lan converter

On PC i use Coolterm has an Comport monitor
Settings are 9600,8,N,1 stop bit

I can program the nextion display by downloading firmware via Nextion Editor.

After firmware download, i connect coolterm, to see the RS232 data comming from nextion display and get only rubbisch characters on the screen.

When using the same nextion display on an ESP32 i can communicate with the display.

I can not figure out why FDTI connection via FTDI interface towards a PC lan port is not working.

Any help on this mather is appriciated.

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What FTDI are you using as real RS232 is not compatible with nextion as it 15 volts or more there are 5 volt FTDI and real RS232

I use the same FTDI to connect Arduino and ESP32 RS232 ports to a PC USB and that works fine.

Check the voltage on the TX / RX pins as the FTDI can be set to 1.8 up to 5 volts the nextion is 5 volts the ESP are 3.3v

Do you understand the difference between hex and ASCII?

Make sure you select Hex view in Coolterm, otherwise yes, you’ll see the ASCII equivalent.

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Thank you for your solution.
Indeed in hex view it worked.

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