Nextion BLDC Control

Hello, i want to ask if is it possible to set a rpm/speed of the motor using nextion numeric keyboard and also can the numeric keyboard used as a countdown timer to set the duration of the motor running ? thanks

What micro controller are you using?
I doubt if you will be able to connect motor direct to nextion.

i’m using arduino uno

Yes it is possible , the nextion has pulse width modulation on its gpio as does the arduino
so it could be done with nextion alone or in combination with the arduino they will both
need some sort of buffering to drive the motor.

If you want to control direct from Nextion this video might be useful: 143 #Nextion direct #dcmotor control - YouTube
If you want to control from the arduino then suggest for each operation you send two values from nextion.

  1. RPM - either from onscreen number keypad or if you have some set values, these can be pre-programmed buttons. You can even have a slider.
  2. On/Off status - can be manual on/off button, pre-programmed timer set values buttons or timer numeric input as you queried.
    Should be straight forward whichever way you choose.