Nextion Black Screen


Je suis Français et je debute mais j’aime l’electronique.

Excusez c’est google traduction

I have a problem with my Nextion NX8048T070_011 screen

It’s a problem that happened suddenly.

When I load a compiled tft on the sd card and insert it, the screen turns off of course.

I turn on the screen again everything goes well the tft is loaded in the screen.

Once finished I turn off the screen and remove the sd card.

I reconnect the screen and that’s where there is the problem: black screen!

I searched the net and found a tft l_T070.tft file

Inserting it first I see that it is a Nextion Intermediary file.

After this maneuver I can review my projects but as soon as I unplug and plug in the screen,

Again black screen and you have to start all over.

I saw this forum and I signed up for advice.

There may be a method to revert to the original or the original home file.

I thank you in advance.

You are using somebody elses .tft file?

Why not create your own simple test HMI to suit your own display using the Nextion Editor.
Nothing fancy required, just a single page with white (default) background and a text field.
“Hello World” :wink:
Default dim level will be 100%

That way you can check the backlighting.

Thank you for the answer.
You can imagine I have already done what you tell me.
Either way I returned the defective product and will get my refund.

I ordered a new but K series with its protection because I feel that by manipulating it to disconnect and reconnect I put my hands on the components and that must not help matters.

I keep my fingers crossed for the next screen and that it will be more solid.
I don’t understand why with Nextion tft intermediary it works.

We should be able to reset this screen to factory mode with a reset button.

In any case, thank you for your answer and I will come back to this site often.