Nextion as a Industrial HMI

I am planning to use 4 Nos of 10" Intelligent Displays to replace Delta HMIs ( customer is impressed with the bright colours of the Nextion displays )

But I generally see Nextion displays in DIY projects etc - maybe I am wrong !

Just wanted to get some feedback if the Nextion can withstand the rigour of a regular production machine ( of course no vibration or dirt or water ingress concerns - its a R&D equipment )


That’s what the Nextion HMI have been designed and are mostly sold for. Industrial users are just not visible on forums or social media. I was told by a Nextion official that in 2020 about 75% of sales went to the industry, 18% to makers and other small batch producers, and the remaining 7% to hobbyists.

OK that is very reassuring. Where can i see a list of applications that Nextion displays are used in the Industrial products / applications / OEM uses?


I’m not sure if such a list is publicly available. From my activity as a consultant I know that such product details are often under NDA.