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Mouse dragging a picture control - 1.63.3

NX8048P_050_011 - 5 inch performance display

Add a picture control and assign a picture…all good

Now drag the picture anywhere, using the mouse

If you select No it puts the picture where it was.

If you select Yes, it reduces the picture control size by one pixel AND reduces the picture resource itself by 1 pixel.

If you select Yes, and then drag it again, the same thing happens. Drag it 20 times and the picture gets 20 pixels smaller!

How do I stop this behaviour on mouse dragging the picture control - and why is it trying to do whatever it’s doing anyway?

If I nudge the picture around the screen using the keyboard cursor keys, all is good.


Hi @Calceos

I was able to reproduce the issue. It seems to only occur if you have a zoom level above 100%. IMO it’s absolutely nonsense to modify the picture files because of an editor rendering/pixel rounding issue but that’s what it seems to be. Interestingly, on my other computer with a 4K monitor I never had that issue, so the system zoom option doesn’t seem to affect this issue (fortunately…)
You could try reporting it in the Nextion forums (pro tip: report it under “discussion”, not “bug report”. They don’t like “bug” reports and tend to argue about whether it fits their definition of a bug or not. Just avoid that word entirely).

Kind regards,

Good detective work Max - looking closer for me, the problem occurs at any zoom level not a multiple of 100 i.e. it’s OK with my screen resolution (1680x1050) at 100%, 200%, 300% etc…
…so I will stick with those when dragging pictures with the mouse :wink:

It’s definitely a weird behaviour to affect the actual picture files at other resolutions, if you get the message and select “Yes”

Thanks again

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