More dishonesty from Patrick Martin and Nextion?

This snippet from a Facebook group demonstrates that Patrick Martin is not being upfront and declaring his financial interest in distributing “Nextion” HMI displays.

His weasel words dodge the fact that HE stands to benefit from you purchasing Nextion screens.

Instead, he twists the conversation that TJC is loosing out.
Absolute BS.
TJC have already sold the display to Patrick Martin.

Nobody can take you seriously or trust you Patrick Martin.

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I don‘t know. Just a hypothetical scenario… Imagine TJC and NEXTION being partners and having a mutual exclusive agreement: TJC sells and supports exclusively the Asian market, NEXTION sells and supports exclusively the American and the European market.
I don‘t know if that comes even close to reality, but it would explain most of the statements and attitudes, all without conspiracy or whatever.