Meaning of baud rate for sd card upload

I have multiple NX4024K032 (3.2") displays. One purchaged years ago shows baud 115200 before it updates the ttf file onto the display and a newer display (2 new units) shows baud 9600. Does this baud rate really mean anything.

The strange thing is the older display works correctly but the new ones do not. Both are set to 115200 in the program.s tab but the new one doesn’t respond to a simple command like page 0 when first starting the sketch. I don’t understand how old and new ones don’t seem to work the same.

In program.s, use “bauds=115200” rather than “baud=115200”. Insert a small delay after power up/reset before attempting serial comms with the Nextion display.
Make sure to use the latest Nextion Editor with your newer displays (some hardware changes were made that require the newer editor)