Legacy panel support

I bought an NX8048K070-011 panel in 2019 and have been using it since then in a MIDI controller I designed. It has been updated at intervals as I have become more familiar with how to use it.
Last month, I bought a second panel to make further development work on the panel layout easier, but now that I want to update the original system, I can’t get the .tft file to install on the first panel.
I get the message COPY SD % and nothing more when I boot from an SD card.
Fortunately, I still have the previous .tft file and it installs with no problems.
The only visible difference between the displays is that the first one has Itead in front of the model number.
I have updated the editor software every time they have changed it, but never had this kind of trouble before.
Nextion’s website mentions compatibility problems and has code you can download to update the panel firmware, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any suggestions?

If your HMI is old then you may have to use ‘Nextion LTS’.
Both editors can be on your PC at the same time. Worth a try.

The panel was new in 2018, so I tried the fixes listed on Nextion’s website.

Their instructions were a bit garbled, but I managed to ‘unbrick’ the display eventually and it is now running the same issue of editor as the new one.

That is not the completely latest version, but I’ll wait till I have some software changes debugged before I update that side of the workplace.

I was never aware of the LTS version and the update sequence took me from 0.53 to 1.61 or similar and I am now on 1.63.

Thanks for your interest, no-one else has replied.


Probably why you need Nextion LTS. You will also need your original HMI file. From what I recall back then the updated software wasn’t compatible with HMI written with V0.53 - found this on Google;
“Note: If your HMI project was developed via 0.53 or prior version Nextion Editor, we recommend you to use the LTS version for project maintenance as the latest version is not fully compatible with your exsisting source code and GUI desgin”

Already too late to roll back to the old version - I no longer have a copy of that version anyway.

The code has grown by around 1000 lines since then and there are two more pages on the display, so I wouldn’t want to re-work all those changes. I haven’t had any difficulty with the editor version I’m using, so I’ll stick with it.