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[ITEAD Studio]New NEXTION Intelligent Series 4.3'' and 5.0'' Display launch with Big Discount and Free Gift

FYI, in case you didn’t get the email.
Two new smaller screens in the intelligent series…

Dear Customers,

4.3″ display with enclosure

4.3″ display without enclosure

5.0″ display with enclosure

5.0″ display

in Nextion Intelligent Series are now available.

The Intelligent Series products have more powerful hardware in terms of MCU, Flash storage and SRAM compared with Basic Series and Enhanced Series.

What’s more and new?

  • Support Video, Animation, Audio Resource
  • Support PNG Picture Resource with Transparent Info
  • New Components (ComboBox, SLText, Gmov, Video, Switch, EXPicture)
  • Component Transparency Attribute
  • Component and Page Loading Effect
  • Component Move and Drag at Runtime
  • Support Anti-aliasing Fonts

Limited Launch Offer for New Nextion Intelligent Series 4.3″ and 5.0″ display:

  1. Buy any one from NEXTION Intelligent Series 4.3″ and 5.0″ HMI Displays and will get one Foca Max worth $8.9 for free!
    (Foca Max: 5V2A Output USB to TTL serial converter board)

  2. Extra $20 off $200 for Nextion Intelligent Series with coupon code “NEXTIONNEW

  3. Valid Until April 30th.

Free Gift For New Nextion Intelligent Series:

Foca Max is a USB to TTL serial converter board with maximum 5.5V2A output. For USB to TTL conversion, Foca Max can be power supplied by USB only or USB together with external DC 8-26V, The USB and external DC power supplies are isolated by using a diode (SS34) to avoid the current backflowed between them.

Thanks very much for supporting Nextion!

Best Regards,
ITEAD Studio

Cool. I wonder if they still radiate RFI garbage? I would be a be a buyer if they did.

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So they finally licensed the TJC X5 series for a Nextion rebrand… great :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’ve had the 4.3" and 5" TJC X5 for 2 years or so.

Apparently, it takes time on the Nextion side to obtain the different certifications (FCC, CE, etc) and to get the anglicized Editor version, data sheets, and documentation - all what is required to sell stuff in the whole world. The bigger “Intelligent” (X5) formats (7” and 10”) have been available for more than a year, though.

I think that one should keep in mind that TJC is not interested in selling displays and supporting customers outside mainland China.

Regarding the certifications, that hasn’t prevented Nextion displays from emitting nasty RF interference before as SDS indicates. Hopefully they used those extra 2 years to fix this…

Nextion isn’t interested in supporting customers outside mainland China either :smiley:


Nextion isn’t interested in supporting customers at all it seems which is so silly as they could be much more popular if they did.

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