Issue adding degree symbol (°) internally in Nextion

I’m having a weird behavior with my project when trying to add the “°” char into a text field.
Depending on the font I use, it works fine, but with the font I want use (ubuntu h:36 uft-8) it repeats the last char instead of adding the degree symbol. The same happens for some other chars I try to add.

My code is basically converting a number var into a text and then adding “°” at the end. Something like this:

covx va0.val,target_temp.txt,0,0

When I run this (both in a real device or in the debugger), instead of getting “21°”, “22°”, etc, I’m getting “211”, “222”, etc. It’s always the last char of the original string being duplicated.

If I send this “°” char via controller (in my case a ESP32), it works fine. Also, when I set that field txt in Nextion editor to show let’s say “21°” initially, it also works fine.
I know I could solve this using the controller, but I really want this part of the code on the display side and would appreciate any idea.

Try with

Same issue. :frowning: