Is this possible or not

I have a genuine Nextion 3.5" enhanced display and I suppose really I should ask on their official forum
but I have had enough of that arse hole Patricks snotty answers so would rather ask here.
I have a project for a gem stone faceting machine . The nextion displays the angle that the machine will cut the gem at , it gets its data from an arduino with an incremental encoder . I have that part sorted out .
The angles I need to set the machine to are displayed on 2 screens on the nextion lets say for example on pages 9 and 10.
Now every gem stone design has different instructions with different angles etc , so I need to be able to change the 2 instruction screens every time I decide to cut a different style of gem stone.
I am guessing the Nextion wont have space to store very many full screen images of instructions so I cant store them all on the display ,so my question I need answering is , is there a way to store all the pairs of instruction pages on either the arduino mega which supplies data to the display or on the nextions SD card and then be able to upload the 2 pages I want to the display to page 9 and 10 on the nextion as and when I need them . Is it possible to upload pictures to a Nextion page from the arduino or SD card or not ?
I hope someone can help the noob

I think it is possible (I have intelligent one, not enhanced). You need to make both things’ vscope to global.

It would help to know:
1 how many designs/pages you need
2 are the instructions as images or text
3 will they need updating/adding to frequently

Have just added 12 images 480x320 pixels and file size is 4mbyte. Your nextion has 32mbyte available so it would probably hold about more than 40 designs and work as stand-a-lone system

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How many do I want, as many as I can get
are they images or text , they are images
will they need updating , No

I never thought of what you suggested Just put all the images on the nextion and then swap to which I need at the time . My enhanced nextion has only been here a short while , up till now been using the basic model so forgot the new one has twice the memory , and I hadnt looked at the size of an image and thought I might only get to store 3 or 4 . Your idea should be fine thank you


If you need a lot image display. You can try TJC X3 or X5 series. It support display image on SD card.

Thanks for that, do you know any one who is selling them. I cant seem to find one anywhere

Could you tell me where are you from? I only have some TJC K0 2.4 and 3.5 in stock. If you need the other module, I can contact with Chinese vendor.

Hi daninter
Im in the UK