I'm in need of 2.8" enhanced MCU firmware dump

I have a few NX3224K028_011 displays laying around with broken STM32F030R8T6 chips at work. They are most likely broken due to arcing near a high voltage source. Most I’ve tried are working with a chip transplanted from a working unit. I’m in need of MCU firmware dump for this display. The working ones I have all have the read out protection enabled so I can’t dump. I’ve also looked around a few methods to disable the protection but I’m unable to port the tools I found to the MCU’s I have in hand and the IDE’s I use. I’m also waiting for a rp2040 board to try another tool.

If anybody has the dump for this chip could you please share it with me? I’m aware that it’s forbidden to share it here so please dm me or I can contact you with the method you prefer.

Thanks in advance!

I finally dumped it myself, it works when flashed back to the unit. I can privately share it outside this forum if anyone needs it for fair purposes.