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How to interface a Nextion display with a TI microcontroller

Hi, I’m trying to build a simple blinking led project with dual state button using a NX4827T043_011, as realized in several youtube tutorials. It is simple to realize it on an Arduino board, since it is possible to download a suitable libraries folder. What I want to do is to run this project using an Hercules Launchpad (TMS570LC43x) and I can’t find a proper library or something like that.
Some suggestions?

It’s simple for an experienced programmer. No library needed to send some commands in text format from your TI to the Nextion or to catch the Nextion’s return.

Did you download the instruction set documentation on the Nextion website?

I downloaded the instruction set but I don’t know how to configure the serial comunication between Nextion display and my TI.
I’m a beginner programmer so I don’t know how to replace the Arduino’s configuration files .h (e.i. nex_config.h, nex_button.h) with a proper configuration through HalCoGen and Code Composer Studio.

For a beginner, the Arduino platform is hard to beat.
Then you have the Teensy range of microcontrollers which offer lots of grunt and features, in a small form factor, and you can still use the Arduino IDE with the Teensyduino plug in.

I’ve never bothered with any library for the Nextions.
It’s simple to write and read to/from the HMI, once you have nailed the serial comms.

For you, have you considered setting up another PC/laptop and using an FTDI adapter and serial terminal program running on that to test serial comms to/from your TI board? ie; get some basic two way serial traffic happening that is echoed out on the other screen.

Once you’ve mastered the serial I/O you can then introduce the Nextion.


TI Hercules isn‘t exactly entry level. For those who don‘t know: this is their industial/automotive grade microcontroller series for safety critical applications. Its based on the Cortex R series which contains a lot of safety features like built in self tests, ECC for RAM and Flash, … From their website I can see that the ecosystem around this platform is different than for their „normal“ microcontrollers so my experience is no help.

You may consider a TM4C123GXL LaunchPad. It has a Cortex M4F and is popular enough to find some good guides - including a quite good „Getting Started Workshop“ from TI. The learning curve is for sure steeper than with an Arduino. But you actually get to learn your microcontroller and what it is capable of. Arduino on the other hand becomes a pain in the ass rather quickly.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I already tried a simple example code from TI files for transferring data with UART protocol, using the USB port and it works fine (I checked it using a terminal window).
Now I practice making more difficult codes and then I’ll try to configure the clock and the serial comunication between my launchpad and Nextion display.

I didn’t find a “Getting started Workshop” for my launchpad, but the one you propose is very useful for learning a good coding approach!
Best regards!

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