How to find index number of character in string

I have a string, sort of like this:
“PID 0xA043 FW 116 SER# HQ1517557PE V 10000 I -10 VPV 15000 PPV 00 C”

I need to extract the value 15000, which occurs consistently one space after VPV. The command spstr splits the string upstream of an index value. So if I use:

spstr Source,Destination,"VPV ",0, it will return all the characters right up to VPV. But I need the five characters right after it. The string is not always the same length, so I can’t use a sub string, unless I know what index position the VPV occurs in.

Is there a way to search for “VPV” and find the index numbers within the string?


spstr source,dest1,”VPV “,1 // will give you everything RIGHT of “VPV “ : 15000 PPV 00 C
spstr dest1,dest2,” PPV”,0 // will then give you everything LEFT of “ PPV”in the remainder : 15000

Another way would be indexing the string parts by spaces, assuming that the value which you are looking for is always the 12th word in the string :
spstr source,dest,” “,11 delivers 15000 directly

@AKGentile1963 Assuming you found the following section in the instruction set, I wonder why it was unclear?

spstr: Split String
usage: spstr ,,,

is src .txt attribute or string data constant
is .txt attribute where result is stored
is the text delimiter encapsulated in double quotes
is zero-indexed iteration result to return

spstr “ab3cd3ef3ghi”,va1.txt,”3″,0//return string ab before first delimiter occurs
spstr “ab3cd3ef3ghi”,va1.txt,”3″,2//return string ef after second delimiter occurs


That’s a very good idea. Thank you

Sorry if i implied that. It’s clear, I just wanted something different.