How to display real time data on analog scale if maximum send rate is 50m

I have nextion display on witch is positioned analog scale. It needs to present Amps from device which mcu monitoring. Problem is that current can grow by several tens of amperes in just several milliseconds but refresh command to display can be performed every 50ms. How to properly display data to have smooth move of arrow? Is there some formula or technique to do that? Is there better way to control scale because now is controlled by timer in witch sequence is updated picture based on received data about current.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 084113

your question is bizarre. Firstly, if you want smooth animations, 50ms is 20fps, which is kainda smooth (film is 24fps). Is also impossible to detect, by eye, diferences so fast. if in the space of 100ms it has 4 or 5 different values, we humans, will not be able to detect the diferences.

I recommend you to look better at your aplication. I would argue you will not need less than 50ms per frame.