How to change posotion of a picture

Hello there!
I’m creating an application with a map, an I have a picture. I want to move this picture to some place on the display because the picture should point to some place on the map. I have 7.0 Inch Enhanced Nextion with CTP and enclosure. Do you know, how can I place the picture to some place on the LCD?

Any green attribute in the Ide can be changed at runtime. X and Y are green.

I probably have other version of the Editor. X, Y, W and H are black in my version. Only PIC is green.

That’s not a question of the editor version. It’s a question of the Nextion display model. The x and y coordinates of any component can only be modified at runtime on the Intelligent series. That’s why selecting an Intelligent screen in the Editor, the x and y attributes are green. But the other series, Basic, Enhanced, and Discovery, can not move components around at runtime. That’s why these attributes become black for these models.

MOVEing components is only allowed on the Intelligent series of displays. You would use the MOVE instruction shown below to do so.

move t0,-30,-30,100,150,95,120 // 120ms to move t0 into position 100,150

Another option is to use multiple picture objects and turn their visibility on and off as well as changing their picture id.

If I create pictures on every places on the map, I will fill the memory of the display with pictures. Do someone know any method. how can I move the pictures at runtime?

In the end, I use the “pic” instruction. It can draw picture everywhere at runtime, and it is what I want. Currently I want to know, how to create hotspot at runtime.

I already explained it, you can do all of this using the MOV instruction.